Film Crews

Atlanta is one of the country's most historic cities, and there are many ways to translate this into compelling video.

Atlanta Truly Shines as a Corporate Video Production Destination

Atlanta is an economic and cultural powerhouse, and many businesses are interested in leveraging its assets for their own purposes. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this, in many cases, is to shoot corporate videos that include some of Atlanta's more appealing environments and places. WORK WITH THE BEST VIDEO CAMERA CREWS IN ATLANTA as assembled by the right partner, and this becomes even easier.

A Huge Range of Locations and Sets with a Great Deal to Offer

Just about any desired effect can be achieved by experienced camera crews in Atlanta, in fact. Some of the types of locations and scenes that most often crop up in corporate videos shot around the city include:

Historic. Atlanta is one of the country's most historic cities, and there are many ways to translate this into compelling video. Many camera crews have produced beautiful footage on the grounds of the Atlanta History Center, where it takes very little effort to arrange compelling shots. Other historic Atlanta area landmarks like the Georgian Terrace hotel are also ready to lend their character to video productions that incorporate them.


Dramatic. In other cases, it will pay to take a wider view of things in order to convey feelings of scope and scale. Many video projects undertaken in the Atlanta area incorporate the downtown area's skyline productively, and local video crews have excellent ways of ensuring success. One popular approach is to set up on the Jackson Street Bridge sometime in the morning, when light and traffic levels tend to be most conducive to great shots.

Active. Part of Atlanta's considerable charm is its endless bustle and highly dynamic character. Being able to capture some of that energy for a video production can be a key to success. The highly trafficked Georgia Aquarium makes for a great place to film crowds of people on just about any day, as can locations like Clark Atlanta University. Once again, crews that understand Atlanta at a deep level are always ready with suggestions.

Natural. Another aspect of Atlanta that sometimes goes overlooked is just how much natural beauty it boasts. Idyllic locations like the 130-year-old Piedmont Park can make for fantastic sets, as well.

Fertile Ground for Corporate Video Projects of All Kinds

With so much to offer of so many different kinds, Atlanta clearly deserves its reputation as a top spot for corporate video productions. Being sure of having a crew ready to make the most of the city's many assets will always pay off.